The constants defined in this file change the behaviour of the framework. You can change the values of the constants according to the instructions given in comments.

$const = $val (line 68)
APP_CONFIG_FILE = "books.conf" (line 54)

The file that contains additional configuration options, which are specific for the application.

DB_TYPE = "MySQL" (line 26)

this constant defines the type of DB that the application uses it can be: "MySQL", "Oracle", "ODBC", "ProgreSQL", etc.

(except "MySQL", the others are not implemented yet)

DISPLAY_CGI_VARS = false (line 48)

When this constant is true, then the CGI vars are displayed at the URL window of the browser. See also SHOW_EXTERNAL_LINK at const.Debug.php.

FIRSTPAGE = "main/main.html" (line 12)

This is the first page of the application. The framework looks for it at the template folder (specified by TPL).

NULL_VALUE = "NULL" (line 33)

This constant is the value returned by the framework for a DB variable that has a NULL value. It can be "", "NULL", NULL, etc.

USES_DB = false (line 19)

if this constant is true, the framework will load the DB component

and will open a default connection with the db specified in the file 'config/const.DB.php'

VAR_NOT_FOUND = "{var_name}" (line 41)

This constant sets the format of the error message that is displayed when a {{variable}} is not found. 'var_name' is replaced by the actual variable name. Examples: "'var_name' is not defined", "", "undefined", etc. It cannot contain "{{var_name}}" inside.

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