This function sets a lock before index (structure of the book)

is modified, in order to make sure that the change in the index and update of the cache files (navigation and subnodes) happens as a single transaction, and concurrent editing does not have unexpected results. Since the structure of the book is the same for all the languages and the changes are sinchronized for all the languages, the lock locks all the languages.

add_subsections_rs (line 118)

add the recordset 'subsections'

void add_subsections_rs ()
add_to_modified_nodes (line 62)

Append the node path to the file 'modified_nodes.txt'

void add_to_modified_nodes ([ $path = UNDEFINED])
  • $path
changeid_movefolders (line 496)

move folders to the new node path, for all the languages

void changeid_movefolders ( $node_path,  $new_node_path)
  • $node_path
  • $new_node_path
changeid_setid (line 539)

set the new id in content.xml, for all the languages

void changeid_setid ( $new_id)
  • $new_id
changeid_updatecache (line 572)
void changeid_updatecache ( $node_path)
  • $node_path
change_id_validate (line 445)

Returns true if the new id is OK, otherwise returns false.

void change_id_validate ( $new_id)
  • $new_id
create_new_node (line 387)

create a new node and node files

void create_new_node ( $id,  $title,  $type)
  • $id
  • $title
  • $type
delete_removefolders (line 359)
void delete_removefolders ( $node_path,  $lng)
  • $node_path
  • $lng
delete_removefolders_all_langs (line 348)
void delete_removefolders_all_langs ( $node_path)
  • $node_path
get_node_references (line 607)

Find the nodes that reference this one and return a list of them as a string (having a line for each node). The return value is empty string ('') if there are no referencies.

This function is used when a node is deleted or when the node id is changed, in order to make sure that there are no dangling referencies in the document. Otherwise the document will become invalid and will fail to convert to other formats.

void get_node_references ()
lock_index (line 38)
void lock_index ()
process_index_node (line 139)

Applies the given transformer to index.xml, passing the node as a parameter, and returns the output.

void process_index_node ( $transformer, [ $node_path = UNDEFINED])
  • $transformer
  • $node_path
remove_from_modified_nodes (line 89)

Remove the node path from the file 'modified_nodes.txt'

void remove_from_modified_nodes ([ $path = UNDEFINED], [ $recursive = false])
  • $path
  • $recursive
transform_index (line 157)

Applies a transformation to index.xml and then writes the result back to index.xml.

void transform_index ( $action, [ $arr_params = array()])
  • $action
  • $arr_params
unlock_index (line 54)
void unlock_index ()
updatenavig_movedown (line 313)
void updatenavig_movedown ( $node_path)
  • $node_path
updatenavig_moveup (line 302)
void updatenavig_moveup ( $node_path)
  • $node_path
update_cache_files (line 335)
void update_cache_files ( $node_path, [ $lng = UNDEFINED])
  • $node_path
  • $lng
update_cache_files_all_langs (line 324)
void update_cache_files_all_langs ( $node_path)
  • $node_path
update_navigation (line 215)

Update the file navigation.txt for the given node and language.

void update_navigation ( $node_path,  $lng)
  • $node_path
  • $lng
update_navigation_all_langs (line 203)

Update the files navigation.txt for all languages, for the given node.

void update_navigation_all_langs ( $node_path)
  • $node_path
update_subnodes_html (line 264)

Updates the cache files 'subnodes.html' for the given language, for the given node and all its ancestors, by applying 'update-subnodes.xsl' to index.xml.

If a third parameter is given and its value is not 'true', then only the subnodes of the given node are generated (without ascending to the ancestors).

void update_subnodes_html ( $node_path,  $lng, [ $recursive = 'true'])
  • $node_path
  • $lng
  • $recursive
update_subnodes_html_all_langs (line 239)

Updates the cache files subnodes.html for the given node, for all its ancestors, and for all the languages.

void update_subnodes_html_all_langs ([ $node_path = UNDEFINED])
  • $node_path

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