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Constant $const
$const in const.Options.php
Variable $abstract
Info::$abstract in class.Info.php
Variable $arr_lines
WikiParser::$arr_lines in class.WikiParser.php
lines that will be parsed and their index
Variable $authors
Info::$authors in class.Info.php
Class addbook
addbook in addbook.php
This module is used to import a new book/article in the system or to create a new one. A list of the current books in the system is displayed as well and it is also possible to remove some books from the system.
Method add_accessright_vars
add variables about access rights of the user
Method add_all_users_rs
Constructs and adds to the webpage the recordset 'all_users' with all the users of the site.
Method add_books_rs
edit_menu::add_books_rs() in edit_menu.php
Add a recordset of all the books, which will be displayed in a listbox.
Method add_book_list_rs
Method add_book_title
Method add_edit_rights
Method add_file_revision
add the variable {{file_revision}}
Method add_has_accr
modified_nodes::add_has_accr() in modified_nodes.php
Find the modified nodes that can be approved by user and add them in the recordset.
Method add_is_admin
modified_nodes::add_is_admin() in modified_nodes.php
Add in the recordset all the modified nodes in the books for which the user is admin.
Method add_items_list
Method add_nodetypes_rs
Create and add to webPage the recordset 'node_types' with the types of the nodes that can be added to the current node (preface, appendix, chapter, section, simplesect).
Method add_recordsets
Method add_rev_diff
revisions::add_rev_diff() in revisions.php
add {{rev_diff}}, the difference
Method add_rs_books_admin
Add to webPage a recordset of the books for which the user is admin.
Method add_rs_langs
Method add_rs_modified_nodes
add to webPage the recordset modified_nodes
Method add_rs_nodes
Method add_rs_revs
revisions::add_rs_revs() in revisions.php
Add to webpage a recordset of revs.
Method add_rs_tags
revisions::add_rs_tags() in revisions.php
Add to webpage a recordset of tags.
Method add_rs_tags
Add to webpage a recordset of tags.
Method add_subitems_rs
add a recordset of the subitems of the selected item
Function add_subsections_rs
add_subsections_rs() in edit_funcs.php
add the recordset 'subsections'
Method add_tab_items
edit_content::add_tab_items() in edit_content.php
Add to the webpage a recordset with the items of the tabs (modes).
Function add_to_modified_nodes
add_to_modified_nodes() in edit_funcs.php
Append the node path to the file 'modified_nodes.txt'
Method add_uploaded_files_rs
create and add the recordset 'uploaded_files'
Method add_users_rs
Constructs and adds to the webpage the recordset 'users'.
Method add_users_rs
userList::add_users_rs() in userList.php
Constructs and adds to the webpage the recordset 'users'.
Method add_user_data
get the user data and add them to the template
Class admin
admin in admin.php
Some administration tasks about the book.
Constant ADMIN
ADMIN in const.Paths.php
Class admin
admin in admin.php
Modules and interfaces that are used by the superuser and by the book admins. Is accessed through 'admin.php'.
Method afterParse
help::afterParse() in help.php
Method append_line
WikiParser::append_line() in class.WikiParser.php
append the current line to the given template
Class approve
approve in approve.php
Review and approve (or cancel) the modifications that are done to the current node of the book.
APP_CONFIG_FILE in const.Options.php
The file that contains additional configuration options, which are specific for the application.
Method author_to_xml
Gets a string like this: 'Surname, Firstname, email'
Page addbook.php
addbook.php in addbook.php
Page admin.php
admin.php in admin.php
Page admin.php
admin.php in admin.php
Page approve.php
approve.php in approve.php
Variable $block_title
Block::$block_title in class.Block.php
Variable $block_type
Block::$block_type in class.Block.php
Variable $bullet
Listing::$bullet in class.Listing.php
Method Block
Block::Block() in class.Block.php
Class Block
Block in class.Block.php
Method block_end
WikiParser::block_end() in class.WikiParser.php
Method block_start
WikiParser::block_start() in class.WikiParser.php
Class books
books in books.php
A listbox of the books/articles in the system.
Class books
books in books.php
The books that the user can administrate.
Constant BOOKS
BOOKS in const.Paths.php
Function book_fixed_to_tag
book_fixed_to_tag() in funcs.php
Check whether the public copy of the book is fixed to a certain tag or revision and return it. If book is not fixed, return false.
Class book_list
book_list in book_list.php
Displays a list of the current books in the system.
Method buildFilter
userFilter::buildFilter() in userFilter.php
Page book_list.php
book_list.php in book_list.php
Page books.php
books.php in books.php
Page books.php
books.php in books.php
Page book_list.php
book_list.php in book_list.php
Variable $contents
Tpl::$contents in class.Tpl.php
Variable $copyright
Info::$copyright in class.Info.php
Constant CACHE
CACHE in const.Paths.php
Function changeid_movefolders
changeid_movefolders() in edit_funcs.php
move folders to the new node path, for all the languages
Function changeid_setid
changeid_setid() in edit_funcs.php
set the new id in content.xml, for all the languages
Function changeid_updatecache
changeid_updatecache() in edit_funcs.php
Function change_id_validate
change_id_validate() in edit_funcs.php
Returns true if the new id is OK, otherwise returns false.
Method check_book_id
Checks whether the given book_id exists or not.
Method clear
revisions::clear() in revisions.php
Function compact_cdata
compact_cdata() in process_content.php
Replace explicit CDATA like this:
Page const.Debug.php
const.Debug.php in const.Debug.php
Page const.Options.php
const.Options.php in const.Options.php
Page const.Paths.php
const.Paths.php in const.Paths.php
Constant CONTENT
CONTENT in const.Paths.php
Function convert_menu_items
convert_menu_items() in fun.regex_replace.php
This function gets a string like this: 'M_enu->S_ubmenu->MenuI_tem (Ctrl-C)' and returns a docbook code like this:
Function create_new_node
create_new_node() in edit_funcs.php
create a new node and node files
Constant CSS
CSS in const.Paths.php
Page convert_from_xml.php
convert_from_xml.php in convert_from_xml.php
Page convert_to_xml.php
convert_to_xml.php in convert_to_xml.php
Page class.Block.php
class.Block.php in class.Block.php
Page class.Info.php
class.Info.php in class.Info.php
Page class.Listing.php
class.Listing.php in class.Listing.php
Page class.ListItem.php
class.ListItem.php in class.ListItem.php
Page class.Paragraph.php
class.Paragraph.php in class.Paragraph.php
Page class.Text.php
class.Text.php in class.Text.php
Page class.Tpl.php
class.Tpl.php in class.Tpl.php
Page class.WikiParser.php
class.WikiParser.php in class.WikiParser.php
Constant DB_TYPE
DB_TYPE in const.Options.php
this constant defines the type of DB that the application uses it can be: "MySQL", "Oracle", "ODBC", "ProgreSQL", etc.
DEBUG_GOTO in const.Debug.php
if this constant is true, the framework displays an alert
DEBUG_INCLUDES in const.Debug.php
if this constant is true, the framework outputs a box
DEBUG_RECORDSETS in const.Debug.php
if this constant is true, the framework outputs all the
DEBUG_STATEVARS in const.Debug.php
if this constant is true, the framework outputs the state
DEBUG_TEMPLATES in const.Debug.php
if this constant is true, the framework outputs the tree
DEBUG_WEBOBJECTS in const.Debug.php
if this constant is true, the framework outputs a box
Function delete_removefolders
delete_removefolders() in edit_funcs.php
Function delete_removefolders_all_langs
DISPLAY_CGI_VARS in const.Options.php
When this constant is true, then the CGI vars are displayed at the URL window of the browser. See also SHOW_EXTERNAL_LINK at const.Debug.php.
Function display_error_messages
display_error_messages() in validate.php
display a popup window with error messages
Constant DOCBOOK
DOCBOOK in const.Paths.php
Class docbook
docbook in docbook.php
Handles the content of the book, editing, approving, navigation, etc.
Page docbook.php
docbook.php in docbook.php
Class edit
edit in edit.php
Edit the content of the current node.
Class edit_content
edit_content in edit_content.php
Class edit_media
edit_media in edit_media.php
Add, rename, delete the media files of the node.
Class edit_menu
edit_menu in edit_menu.php
Modify the menu of the categories and books.
Class edit_rights
edit_rights in edit_rights.php
Displays the edit rights of the user.
Method empty_line
WikiParser::empty_line() in class.WikiParser.php
Method end_of_lines
WikiParser::end_of_lines() in class.WikiParser.php
return true if the index is at the end of the lines
Method error_on_save
edit_content::error_on_save() in edit_content.php
EXECUTION_TIME_INFO in const.Debug.php
if this constant is true, the framework outputs information
Function expand_cdata
expand_cdata() in process_content.php
Replace implicit CDATA like this:
Page edit_menu.php
edit_menu.php in edit_menu.php
Page edit_rights.php
edit_rights.php in edit_rights.php
Page edit_content.php
edit_content.php in edit_content.php
Page edit.php
edit.php in edit.php
Page edit_funcs.php
edit_funcs.php in edit_funcs.php
Page edit_media.php
edit_media.php in edit_media.php
Function file_content_html
file_content_html() in funcs.php
Returns the path of the content_lng.html for the given node and language.
Function file_content_xml
file_content_xml() in funcs.php
Returns the path of the content.xml for the given node and language.
FIRSTPAGE in const.Options.php
This is the first page of the application. The framework looks for it at the template folder (specified by TPL).
Page func.popup_window.php
func.popup_window.php in func.popup_window.php
Page func.popup_window.php
func.popup_window.php in func.popup_window.php
Page fun.regex_replace.php
fun.regex_replace.php in fun.regex_replace.php
Page funcs.php
funcs.php in funcs.php
Page func.languages.php
func.languages.php in func.languages.php
Method get_arr_books_accr
Return an array with the books where the user has some access rights and is not admin.
Method get_arr_books_admin
return an array of the books for which the user is admin
Function get_arr_languages
get_arr_languages() in func.languages.php
This function returns an associated array of language codes and language details (like language name, codeset, etc.).
Function get_arr_navigation
Reads from cache 'navigation.txt' for the given node and returns an associative array with the template variables this_path, next_path, prev_path, up_path, this_title, next_title, prev_title, up_title.
Method get_book_dir
return the directory of the book: content/books/xml/book_id/lng/
Method get_book_list
Read the file books/book_list and return the associative array $arr_books, with keys 'book_id:lng' and with values 'book_title'.
Method get_book_list_arr
Method get_book_title
Method get_book_title
Method get_bullet
WikiParser::get_bullet() in class.WikiParser.php
return the bullet of the given mark
Method get_button_vars
Returns an associative array with keys 'edit', 'approve' and 'admin' and whith values 'true' or 'false', according to the access rights of the current user.
Method get_content_diff
get the modifications of content.xml
Method get_current_line
WikiParser::get_current_line() in class.WikiParser.php
get the current line that is being parsed
Method get_current_tag
Function get_date_str
get_date_str() in funcs.php
Converts the given time stamp to a date string.
Method get_edit_rights
Reads the user edit rights file 'admin/access_rights/username'
Method get_head_revision
Function get_id_title
get_id_title() in convert_to_xml.php
returns the id and the title of the current node
Method get_indentation
WikiParser::get_indentation() in class.WikiParser.php
return the indentaion of the given mark
Method get_initial_xml
constructs and returns an intial xml document
Method get_langs
uEdit::get_langs() in uEdit.php
Returns an array of languages (en,fr,it,al) in which the book is available.
Method get_langs
main::get_langs() in main.php
Returns an array of languages (en,fr,it,al) in which the book is available.
Method get_langs
help::get_langs() in help.php
Returns an array of languages (en,fr,it,al) in which the book is available.
Method get_legalnotice
Method get_listitem_mark
WikiParser::get_listitem_mark() in class.WikiParser.php
Method get_media_path
Function get_node_content
get_node_content() in process_content.php
Builds the content of the node by processing content.xml with xml2mode.xsl, and assigns it to a template variable.
Function get_node_references
get_node_references() in edit_funcs.php
Find the nodes that reference this one and return a list of them as a string (having a line for each node). The return value is empty string ('') if there are no referencies.
Function get_node_state
get_node_state() in funcs.php
Reads the file state.txt of the current node and returns
Method get_nr_of_recs
Method get_nr_of_recs
Method get_nr_of_recs
Method get_page_vars
Method get_page_vars
Method get_page_vars
Method get_query
search::get_query() in search.php
Method get_results_rs
Returns a recordset of search results.
Method get_revision
revisions::get_revision() in revisions.php
return the content.xml at the selected revision (or date, or tag)
Method get_revision_date
Method get_revision_nr
Function get_short_xml_line
get_short_xml_line() in validate.php
extract from the xml line a part around the error
Function get_state_filename
Returns the file state.txt of the current node.
Method get_subtemplates
Tpl::get_subtemplates() in class.Tpl.php
Returns an array of ids of the templates that are referenced from the contents of this template.
Method get_svn_status
Get the modifications made in media files
Method get_svn_url
revisions::get_svn_url() in revisions.php
return the URL of the SVN repository: file://path/book_id/lng
Method get_svn_url
return the URL of the SVN repository: file://path/book_id/lng
Method get_title
modified_nodes::get_title() in modified_nodes.php
Method get_title
admin::get_title() in admin.php
Method get_tpl_id
Tpl::get_tpl_id() in class.Tpl.php
If the given line is a reference to another template, returns the id of the referenced template, otherwise return empty string ''.
Function get_user_data
get_user_data() in user_data.php
GRAPHICS in const.Paths.php
Method has_approve_right
Returns true if the user has approve right on the given node.
Class help
help in help.php
Displays a section of docbookwiki_guide.
Function html_to_xml
html_to_xml() in convert_to_xml.php
Page help.php
help.php in help.php
Variable $id
Tpl::$id in class.Tpl.php
Variable $idx
WikiParser::$idx in class.WikiParser.php
Variable $indent
Listing::$indent in class.Listing.php
Class import_doc
import_doc in import_doc.php
Import a new book or article in the system.
Method Info
Info::Info() in class.Info.php
Class Info
Info in class.Info.php
Handle bookinfo or articleinfo elements.
Method init
tabs1::init() in tabs1.php
Method init
search::init() in search.php
Method init
book_list::init() in book_list.php
Method init
view::init() in view.php
Method init
userList::init() in userList.php
Method init
books::init() in books.php
Method init
uList::init() in uList.php
Method init
revisions::init() in revisions.php
Method init
userEdit::init() in userEdit.php
Method init
userFilter::init() in userFilter.php
Method init
docbook::init() in docbook.php
Method init
admin::init() in admin.php
Method init
edit_content::init() in edit_content.php
Method init
edit_rights::init() in edit_rights.php
Method init
main::init() in main.php
Method init
languages::init() in languages.php
Method init
edit_menu::init() in edit_menu.php
Method is_admin
docbook::is_admin() in docbook.php
Returns 'true' if the current user is an admin for the current book, otherwise returns 'false'.
Method is_fixed
tags::is_fixed() in tags.php
Function is_locked
is_locked() in funcs.php
Returns true if the node is locked and the lock has not expired.
Function is_wellformed
is_wellformed() in convert_to_xml.php
Check that the given XML string is well formed.
Page import_doc.php
import_doc.php in import_doc.php
Page import_doc.php
import_doc.php in import_doc.php
Variable $keywords
Info::$keywords in class.Info.php
Method keywords_to_xml
Gets a comma separated list of keywords: 'k1, k2, k3,'
Class langs
langs in langs.php
A list of languages in which the book is available.
Class languages
languages in languages.php
Languages of the application interface.
Method lang_match
docbook::lang_match() in docbook.php
Returns true if one of the language ids in the list matches the current language, otherwise returns false. The lang_list is a comma separated list of languages, or 'ALL'.
Method lang_match
modified_nodes::lang_match() in modified_nodes.php
Returns true if one of the language ids in the list matches the given language, otherwise returns false. The lang_list is a comma separated list of languages, or 'ALL'.
Function latex_to_xml
latex_to_xml() in convert_to_xml.php
Method line_to_html
Tpl::line_to_html() in class.Tpl.php
Method line_to_html
Text::line_to_html() in class.Text.php
Method line_to_html
Block::line_to_html() in class.Block.php
Method line_to_xml
Tpl::line_to_xml() in class.Tpl.php
Method line_to_xml
Text::line_to_xml() in class.Text.php
Method line_to_xml
Block::line_to_xml() in class.Block.php
Method link_template
WikiParser::link_template() in class.WikiParser.php
add a link from the parent template to the child template
Method Listing
Listing::Listing() in class.Listing.php
Class Listing
Listing in class.Listing.php
Class ListItem
ListItem in class.ListItem.php
Method ListItem
ListItem::ListItem() in class.ListItem.php
Method listitem_end
WikiParser::listitem_end() in class.WikiParser.php
Method listitem_start
WikiParser::listitem_start() in class.WikiParser.php
Method list_end
WikiParser::list_end() in class.WikiParser.php
Method list_start
WikiParser::list_start() in class.WikiParser.php
return true if the current line starts a new list
Function locked_by_somebody
Returns true and displays a notification message, if the node is locked by another user.
Function lock_index
lock_index() in edit_funcs.php
Page langs.php
langs.php in langs.php
Page languages.php
languages.php in languages.php
Class main
main in main.php
The stating point for constructing the web page.
Function mediaobject
mediaobject() in fun.regex_replace.php
Returns a <mediobject> element
Constant MENU
MENU in const.Paths.php
Class modified_nodes
modified_nodes in modified_nodes.php
Displays a list of the modified nodes that can be approved by the user.
Method msg_book_fixed_to_tag
Page menu_items.php
menu_items.php in menu_items.php
Page menu_items.php
menu_items.php in menu_items.php
Page modified_nodes.php
modified_nodes.php in modified_nodes.php
Page main.php
main.php in main.php
Page media_file.php
media_file.php in media_file.php
Method next_line
WikiParser::next_line() in class.WikiParser.php
move the index to the nex line
Method node_match
modified_nodes::node_match() in modified_nodes.php
Returns true if one of the node_path expressions in the list matches the given node path, otherwise returns false.
Method node_match
docbook::node_match() in docbook.php
Returns true if one of the node_path expressions in the list matches the current node path, otherwise returns false.
Method nonempty_line
WikiParser::nonempty_line() in class.WikiParser.php
Method non_recursive_commit
Method non_recursive_revert
NULL_VALUE in const.Options.php
This constant is the value returned by the framework for a DB variable that has a NULL value. It can be "", "NULL", NULL, etc.
Method onParse
docbook::onParse() in docbook.php
Method onParse
userEdit::onParse() in userEdit.php
Method onParse
edit::onParse() in edit.php
Method onParse
languages::onParse() in languages.php
Method onParse
userFilter::onParse() in userFilter.php
Method onParse
search::onParse() in search.php
Method onParse
view::onParse() in view.php
Method onParse
admin::onParse() in admin.php
Method onParse
user_data::onParse() in user_data.php
Method onRender
main::onRender() in main.php
Method onRender
modified_nodes::onRender() in modified_nodes.php
First find the books where the user has some access rights.
Method onRender
languages::onRender() in languages.php
Method onRender
edit_rights::onRender() in edit_rights.php
Method onRender
edit_media::onRender() in edit_media.php
Method onRender
edit_menu::onRender() in edit_menu.php
Method onRender
import_doc::onRender() in import_doc.php
Method onRender
tabs1::onRender() in tabs1.php
Method onRender
userEdit::onRender() in userEdit.php
Method onRender
userList::onRender() in userList.php
Method onRender
user_data::onRender() in user_data.php
Method onRender
uList::onRender() in uList.php
Method onRender
uEdit::onRender() in uEdit.php
Method onRender
search::onRender() in search.php
Method onRender
edit_content::onRender() in edit_content.php
Method onRender
tags::onRender() in tags.php
Method onRender
revisions::onRender() in revisions.php
Method onRender
langs::onRender() in langs.php
Method onRender
edit::onRender() in edit.php
Method onRender
approve::onRender() in approve.php
Method onRender
docbook::onRender() in docbook.php
Method onRender
book_list::onRender() in book_list.php
Method onRender
books::onRender() in books.php
Method onRender
books::onRender() in books.php
Method onRender
admin::onRender() in admin.php
Method on_add
userEdit::on_add() in userEdit.php
add the new user in database
Method on_add_new
userList::on_add_new() in userList.php
Method on_add_subitem
add a new subitem to the current item
Method on_add_subnode
Method on_add_tag
tags::on_add_tag() in tags.php
Method on_add_user
Method on_apply
edit_menu::on_apply() in edit_menu.php
apply the modifications to the main menu
Method on_approve
main::on_approve() in main.php
Method on_book
main::on_book() in main.php
Method on_cancel
edit_menu::on_cancel() in edit_menu.php
discard any modifications and get a copy of the main menu
Method on_change_id
Method on_change_passwd
Method on_change_title
Method on_commit
approve::on_commit() in approve.php
Method on_create
addbook::on_create() in addbook.php
Method on_delete
uList::on_delete() in uList.php
Method on_delete
userEdit::on_delete() in userEdit.php
delete the current user
Method on_delete
edit::on_delete() in edit.php
Method on_delete
edit_menu::on_delete() in edit_menu.php
delete the current item and set the parent item as the current one
Method on_delete
import_doc::on_delete() in import_doc.php
delete an uploaded file
Method on_delete
userList::on_delete() in userList.php
Method on_delete
book_list::on_delete() in book_list.php
Method on_delete
edit_media::on_delete() in edit_media.php
Method on_del_tag
tags::on_del_tag() in tags.php
Method on_docbook
main::on_docbook() in main.php
Method on_help
search::on_help() in search.php
Method on_hide
revisions::on_hide() in revisions.php
Method on_import
import_doc::on_import() in import_doc.php
Method on_move_down
edit_menu::on_move_down() in edit_menu.php
move down the given item
Method on_move_down
Method on_move_up
edit::on_move_up() in edit.php
Method on_move_up
edit_menu::on_move_up() in edit_menu.php
move up the given item
Method on_new_search
Method on_next
userList::on_next() in userList.php
Method on_next
uList::on_next() in uList.php
Method on_next
search::on_next() in search.php
Method on_paste
edit_menu::on_paste() in edit_menu.php
add any items in clipboard as subitems of the current item
Method on_refresh
import_doc::on_refresh() in import_doc.php
refresh the list after uploading a file
Method on_refresh
userList::on_refresh() in userList.php
Method on_rename
edit_media::on_rename() in edit_media.php
Method on_revert
approve::on_revert() in approve.php
Method on_save
uEdit::on_save() in uEdit.php
save the changes
Method on_save
userEdit::on_save() in userEdit.php
save the changes
Method on_save
user_data::on_save() in user_data.php
Method on_save
revisions::on_save() in revisions.php
Method on_save
edit_content::on_save() in edit_content.php
Method on_search
main::on_search() in main.php
Method on_select
languages::on_select() in languages.php
Method on_select
help::on_select() in help.php
this event is called by xref.php
Method on_select
books::on_select() in books.php
Method on_select
edit_menu::on_select() in edit_menu.php
select an item for editing
Method on_select
uList::on_select() in uList.php
Method on_select
userList::on_select() in userList.php
Method on_select
tabs1::on_select() in tabs1.php
Method on_set_date
Method on_set_date
revisions::on_set_date() in revisions.php
Method on_set_lng
docbook::on_set_lng() in docbook.php
Method on_set_lock
approve::on_set_lock() in approve.php
Method on_set_lock
Method on_set_mode
edit_content::on_set_mode() in edit_content.php
Method on_set_mode
docbook::on_set_mode() in docbook.php
Method on_set_node
docbook::on_set_node() in docbook.php
Method on_set_node_id
Method on_set_rev
tags::on_set_rev() in tags.php
Method on_set_rev
revisions::on_set_rev() in revisions.php
Method on_set_tag
tags::on_set_tag() in tags.php
Method on_set_tag
revisions::on_set_tag() in revisions.php
Method on_set_visible
Method on_show
revisions::on_show() in revisions.php
Method on_update
edit_menu::on_update() in edit_menu.php
save modifications in id and caption of the current item
Method on_update_booklist
Method on_update_downloadables
Method on_update_search_index
Method on_upload
edit_media::on_upload() in edit_media.php
Method on_xref
main::on_xref() in main.php
this event is called by xref.php
Method Paragraph
Paragraph::Paragraph() in class.Paragraph.php
Class Paragraph
Paragraph in class.Paragraph.php
Method parse
Info::parse() in class.Info.php
Extract the various parts of the info section
Method parse_abstract
Info::parse_abstract() in class.Info.php
Method parse_author
Info::parse_author() in class.Info.php
Method parse_block
WikiParser::parse_block() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_copyright
Info::parse_copyright() in class.Info.php
Method parse_dummy
Info::parse_dummy() in class.Info.php
Method parse_file
WikiParser::parse_file() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_info
WikiParser::parse_info() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_keywords
Info::parse_keywords() in class.Info.php
Method parse_lines
WikiParser::parse_lines() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_list
WikiParser::parse_list() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_listitem
WikiParser::parse_listitem() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_paragraph
WikiParser::parse_paragraph() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_string
WikiParser::parse_string() in class.WikiParser.php
Method parse_text
WikiParser::parse_text() in class.WikiParser.php
parse the text wiki
Function popup_window
popup_window() in func.popup_window.php
Function process_index
process_index() in funcs.php
applies the given transformer to index.xml
Function process_index_node
process_index_node() in edit_funcs.php
Applies the given transformer to index.xml, passing the node as a parameter, and returns the output.
Function putback_cdata
putback_cdata() in process_content.php
replace <cdata>x</cdata> by the corresponding <![CDATA[...]]>
Function putback_comments
putback_comments() in process_content.php
replace <comment>x</comment> by the corresponding <!--...-->
Page process_content.php
process_content.php in process_content.php
Page package.WikiConverter.php
package.WikiConverter.php in package.WikiConverter.php
Method recursive_commit
Method recursive_revert
Function regex_replace
regex_replace() in fun.regex_replace.php
Function remove_from_modified_nodes
Remove the node path from the file 'modified_nodes.txt'
Method render_abstract
Info::render_abstract() in class.Info.php
Method render_authors
Info::render_authors() in class.Info.php
Method render_copyright
Info::render_copyright() in class.Info.php
Method render_keywords
Info::render_keywords() in class.Info.php
Class revisions
revisions in revisions.php
Handle (view, select) the previous revisions of the book.
Page revisions.php
revisions.php in revisions.php
Function save_user_data
save_user_data() in user_data.php
Constant SCRIPTS
SCRIPTS in const.Paths.php
Class search
search in search.php
Search in the book(s) and display the results.
Method selectFirst
set currentUser as the first user in the list
Method selectFirst
userList::selectFirst() in userList.php
set currentUser as the first user in the list
Method select_item
edit_menu::select_item() in edit_menu.php
Get the 'bookid' and the 'caption' of the selected item and refresh the state variables.
Method setup_webnotes
set propper values to the parameters of the 'webnotes' component
Method set_all_synchronized
Function set_node_lock
set_node_lock() in funcs.php
Lock or unlock the current node.
Function set_node_status
set_node_status() in funcs.php
Set the status of the current node to the given new status.
Method set_revision
SHOW_ERROR_MESSAGES in const.Debug.php
if this constant is false than the framework suppresses
SHOW_EXTERNAL_LINK in const.Debug.php
If this constant is true, the framework outputs the external link that can be used to jump right to the current page of the application from any external page.
Function strip_cdata
strip_cdata() in process_content.php
replace <![CDATA[...]]> by <cdata>x</cdata>
Function strip_comments
strip_comments() in process_content.php
replace <!--...--> by <comment>x</comment>
Constant SVN
SVN in const.Paths.php
Page search.php
search.php in search.php
Variable $type
Tpl::$type in class.Tpl.php
Class tabs1
tabs1 in tabs1.php
Class tags
tags in tags.php
Handle the tags of a book (create new tag, list existing tags, fix book to a tag, etc.)
Page tags.php
tags.php in tags.php
Method template_list
WikiParser::template_list() in class.WikiParser.php
(debug) Outputs the data of each template in $tpl_collection.
Function texi_to_xml
texi_to_xml() in convert_to_xml.php
Class Text
Text in class.Text.php
Method Text
Text::Text() in class.Text.php
Function text_to_xml
text_to_xml() in convert_to_xml.php
Method to_html
Block::to_html() in class.Block.php
Method to_html
Listing::to_html() in class.Listing.php
Method to_html
ListItem::to_html() in class.ListItem.php
Method to_html
Tpl::to_html() in class.Tpl.php
Method to_html
Paragraph::to_html() in class.Paragraph.php
Method to_html_table
Tpl::to_html_table() in class.Tpl.php
Debug function.
Method to_tree
WikiParser::to_tree() in class.WikiParser.php
Returns the structure of loaded templates as a tree.
Method to_xml
Listing::to_xml() in class.Listing.php
Method to_xml
Info::to_xml() in class.Info.php
convert the info data to xml
Method to_xml
Block::to_xml() in class.Block.php
Method to_xml
Paragraph::to_xml() in class.Paragraph.php
Method to_xml
ListItem::to_xml() in class.ListItem.php
Method to_xml
Tpl::to_xml() in class.Tpl.php
Class Tpl
Tpl in class.Tpl.php
Method Tpl
Tpl::Tpl() in class.Tpl.php
Constant TPL
TPL in const.Paths.php
Method tpl_to_tree
WikiParser::tpl_to_tree() in class.WikiParser.php
(debug) Returns the structure of the loaded templates as a tree.
Method transform
edit_menu::transform() in edit_menu.php
Applies the given xsl transformer to menu.xml and returns the result. $arr_params is an associative array of parameters.
Function transform_index
transform_index() in edit_funcs.php
Applies a transformation to index.xml and then writes the result back to index.xml.
Method transform_menu
Page tabs1.php
tabs1.php in tabs1.php
Page tabs1_items.php
tabs1_items.php in tabs1_items.php
Variable $user_data
userEdit::$user_data in userEdit.php
Page uEdit.php
uEdit.php in uEdit.php
Page uList.php
uList.php in uList.php
Page userEdit.php
userEdit.php in userEdit.php
Page userFilter.php
userFilter.php in userFilter.php
Page userList.php
userList.php in userList.php
Page user_data.php
user_data.php in user_data.php
Page user_data.php
user_data.php in user_data.php
Class uEdit
uEdit in uEdit.php
Admin the edit rights of a user(editor) of a book.
Class uList
uList in uList.php
The list of the users(editors) that can edit a book.
Function unlock_index
unlock_index() in edit_funcs.php
Function updatenavig_movedown
updatenavig_movedown() in edit_funcs.php
Function updatenavig_moveup
updatenavig_moveup() in edit_funcs.php
Function update_cache
update_cache() in funcs.php
Update the cache file content.html from content.xml
Function update_cache_files
update_cache_files() in edit_funcs.php
Function update_cache_files_all_langs
Function update_navigation
update_navigation() in edit_funcs.php
Update the file navigation.txt for the given node and language.
Function update_navigation_all_langs
Update the files navigation.txt for all languages, for the given node.
Function update_subnodes_html
update_subnodes_html() in edit_funcs.php
Updates the cache files 'subnodes.html' for the given language, for the given node and all its ancestors, by applying 'update-subnodes.xsl' to index.xml.
Function update_subnodes_html_all_langs
Updates the cache files subnodes.html for the given node, for all its ancestors, and for all the languages.
Function upload_files
upload_files() in import_doc.php
Upload the files 'xml_file' and 'media_files'.
Class userEdit
userEdit in userEdit.php
userEdit modifies the details of a user (username, password, name, email and which books can admin).
Class userFilter
userFilter in userFilter.php
userFilter is used to select the users that are displayed in the list.
Class userList
userList in userList.php
userList displays the list of system users.
Class user_data
user_data in user_data.php
The user can change his data: name, email and password; he can also see which books he can manage, his edit rights and a list of nodes that are modified and he can approve.
Constant USES_DB
USES_DB in const.Options.php
if this constant is true, the framework will load the DB component
Page validate.php
validate.php in validate.php
Page view.php
view.php in view.php
Function validate_xml
validate_xml() in validate.php
VAR_NOT_FOUND in const.Options.php
This constant sets the format of the error message that is displayed when a {{variable}} is not found. 'var_name' is replaced by the actual variable name. Examples: "'var_name' is not defined", "", "undefined", etc. It cannot contain "{{var_name}}" inside.
Class view
view in view.php
Display the cache (html) file for the current node of the book.
WEBAPP_PATH in const.Paths.php
Method WikiParser
WikiParser::WikiParser() in class.WikiParser.php
Class WikiParser
WikiParser in class.WikiParser.php
Constant WOBJ
WOBJ in const.Paths.php
WORKSPACE in const.Paths.php
Method write_fixed_file
Write the file 'fixed' which prevents the update of the latest changes of the book in the public copy.
Function write_node_state
write_node_state() in funcs.php
Constant WS_BOOKS
WS_BOOKS in const.Paths.php
Constant WS_CACHE
WS_CACHE in const.Paths.php
Function xml_to_html
xml_to_html() in convert_from_xml.php
Function xml_to_text
xml_to_text() in convert_from_xml.php
Function xml_to_xml
xml_to_xml() in convert_to_xml.php
Constant XSLT
XSLT in const.Paths.php
$ a b c d e f g h i k l m n o p r s t u v w x